Under the hangar,

The wood cracks, cuts, turns, folds…
Become coal it will help the blacksmith to soften the iron

YouYou have an appointment here with the blacksmith, the Lavandier, the saboteur, the carpenter, the spoon sculptor, the manufacturers of wool mattresses, armchairs…

Soon the making of candle soap will no longer have secrets for you.

But already the fog horn invites you to discover the Marines

  • Military Navy (Royal)
    Fishing: Working at sea

Next door you will exchange

  • With the tailpiece that braids ropes and ropes
  • With the baskets that braid the carts, baskets, fishing nass
  • With the Beekeeper
  • With the potter

You will know everything about the grafting of fruit trees, about the operations to be carried out to make the apple grow well. In autumn, the press will be out, and you will taste the apple juice that will become cider in the barrel capped with its brown hat. You will finally discover the alchemy of the still that transforms the cider into calva…