The flax industry

On September 22, 1985 we founded the Museum of Old trades. The statutes were written and we made a list of the trades that we were going to discuss. In this list, the flax industry. I was born in Bodilis in 1930 and remember to have witnessed a ginning of Read more…

Natural Dye

Jeanne shares in the museum with the Nets a space where she presents samples of wool, cotton and flax in soft or vivid colors. Several operations and plants were needed to obtain this surprising palette that is available to visitors. Jeanne reveals them: (more…)

Un métier à tisser du XVIIIe siècle

A very old loom

At the museum, the weaving is very present. The centerpiece of this animation is a loom dating from the XVIII century. It is Annel Hurtrez, of Nordic origin, Breton adoption that makes work this formidable machine saved from oblivion. (more…)