From wood to axe

Next Sunday at the Living Museum of old trades in Argol, visitors will be able to witness a demonstration of wood rendering with an axe. In fact, Marc Lefèvre, a wood professional in Poitou, will show how, by working on an axe, a log of chestnut, oak or sometimes pine (depending on the region), one manages after several hours of work, to obtain a piece of wood to Frame of the ordered form. (more…)

You say it

The Museum of old Crafts is the most exciting of museums I have ever visited. It shows not only things, it awakens them to life and thus allows a journey in the past time, a time when life was very different.

Why is it so exciting? The exhibition includes a variety of artisanal activities carried out by volunteers. During our visit, for example, the butter was produced, which could be tasted later. The peasant life became tangible and explained very effectively. People of different ages are involved, some since the museum was created there, in the early years of 1980. (more…)