Spinning of the wool to the pedal wheel

The wheel

For millennia, humanity has been able to protect its nudity from humidity, cold or heat. First with the help of animal skins, then soon men were able to transform certain plants, animal issles. After reflection and trial and error, they invented the thread. To go faster, they invented the cattail Read more…

The flax industry

On September 22, 1985 we founded the Museum of Old trades. The statutes were written and we made a list of the trades that we were going to discuss. In this list, the flax industry. I was born in Bodilis in 1930 and remember to have witnessed a ginning of Read more…

Gaby tells us about the loom

During my years of activity, I spot in different farms, old machines that no longer serve. This is how for the first Harvest festival, I find quite easily engines and machines to beat cereal. Of course, I don’t neglect my job. But when I am with former rural people, I Read more…

Un métier à tisser du XVIIIe siècle

A very old loom

At the museum, the weaving is very present. The centerpiece of this animation is a loom dating from the XVIII century. It is Annel Hurtrez, of Nordic origin, Breton adoption that makes work this formidable machine saved from oblivion. (more…)