Oven heats at wood fire

Feast of AUTUMN

Tuesday, October 22, the museum opens to celebrate AUTUMN on the themes of bread baked in a wood fire, traditional butter made in churn, recipes based on apples, based on pumpkins. The granite oven is back in service, despite his age he already practiced the rotating heat! and, because of Read more…

The device to make the hosts

They are the ancestors of Madame CARIOU, sacristans at Plozévet who made the hosts for religious ceremonies. Personally, I remember that in Bodilis it was Pierre who was working. To do this, he opened doors and windows which made that the whole town was impregnated with the odor of cooking Read more…

Oh, what beautiful breads !

October Appointments

Tuesday, October 23 and again Tuesday, October 30 Making old-fashioned butter Baking bread to wood fire         Thursday 25 October Chestnut and apple in all their forms   Sunday, October 28th: the Feast of Autumn Apples, cider Pumpkin and chestnutsPreparation of apples: butter, sugar

We didn’t really expect that!

“We didn’t really expect this,” says many people on their first visit to the Living Museum of old trades in Argol. Indeed it is alive and well this museum, thanks to the fifteen volunteers who animate the trades and activities of yesteryear, such as tailpiece, Vannier, carpenter, blacksmith, saboteur, and the crafts of the sea, as well as spinning, embroiderer, Weaver, among others. (more…)