The old house, the place of rest booked for the family. The domestics were accommodated in the attics of barns, the labourers slept on the stack of straw.

The fire

  • Heating, smoking room, cooking of the soup in the cauldron put on tripod ·
  • Smoking room of pieces of meat suspended in the conduit of the fireplace ·
  • Ancestor of our cooktops, the plates of cast iron where we spread the dough in the rozell

The arrangement

  • shelves where we expose jars to coffee, to sugar
  • fenced in cupboard where we tidy up the butter shielded from insects
  • dresser which emphasizes earthenware plates

The milk

  • the creamer, the stoneware pots devolved to the preservation of the cream
  • the churn
  • spoons and molds to model blocks of butter

The bread

  • the table of kneading of the bread dough
  • the box of storage of breads for the week

The sleep

  • the closed bed embarks the cradle of the baby
  • the bench, adjacent to the closed bed, where we tidy up the linen