The horsehair was used very much once and as a result it was sold very expensive. One day, one person gives me a leather flour sieve. The horsehair in one direction is clear and is crossed with dark horsehair. It is very pretty and very solid. These screens were made on a small loom.

Until 2010, Yves Marchadour, a former fisherman, made fishing lines in horsehair. He has now passed the baton to Henri Caugant. To do this, Henri takes six crins that he knoe at one end. It then divides the bundle of crins into two which doubles the line length. To give it flexibility and resistance, it will now twist (clockwise) the strands it has hung from one end to a disc dressed in a “Breton beret” the other end is pinched between two fingers with one hand, his other hand holds a stick that he used to drive the disk. When the cable has finished, it positions the center of the cable to the disc and brings the two ends together on one hand, the other and its stick will give a counterclockwise rotation to the disc: a first line length appears.

A gentleman from Plomodiern entrusted me with a chain for his pocket watch made of horsehair. It was presented to the public for several years. alas! When we moved to 2000, someone thought they would do it by throwing this chain in the trash. It was carried out by an ancestor of this gentleman of Plomodiern, in the trenches during the war of 14-18.
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