Last February, on the occasion of his election as honorary president of the Living Museum of the old trades, his first president, Gaby the arm expressed his vivid emotion and he happily narrated the origin of this association.The head of rural family assistance (now RADM), François Othert, asked him in 1978 to find solutions to bail out the caisses. The needs are such that a large-scale solution must be found; This is how the first feast of the Harvest is organized. Its success and the enthusiasm it arouses, exceed the expectations of the organizers and the 150 volunteers mobilized for the occasion, so that the experience is renewed every two years and then embellished with other old crafts which find quickly Their places.
Back games, hosted by Gaby

From 1981, the Cornouaille Festival invites Gaby to animate the old Quimper. This first participation in an outdoor event provokes a lot of excitement among the 40 volunteers who move by coach and see an audience of about 16 000 people.

In 1983, the agricultural credit asked the organizers to provide a service for the celebration of its 75th anniversary. Travel throughout Brittany, but also in Paris, Le Havre, Orléans and many other cities in France, and even in Canada.
Les Jeux back, hosted by Gaby Les Jeux back, hosted by Gaby

De back games, gehost door Gaby

The back games, hosted by Gaby

The ADMR finds its budgetary balance and an independent association is created in 1985, for the management of what is already called “old trades”. Until the General Assembly of 3 February 2018, it will bear the name of Micheriou Koz ar Vro.

Asked to provide a space for storing the equipment, some municipalities of the peninsula refuse, even if their mayors recognize the audience that the rural festivals win. Finally it is Laurent Kermorgan who proposes the old henhouse of the village of Argol, to welcome the old trades.

It is therefore in the summer of 1987 that opens the museum, every Monday in July and August, with an average of 500 visitors each time. From the following year, it is also possible to visit on Thursdays and it is eight to ten thousand visitors who will parade every year; Later we will open in pre-season to receive the school groups.

Finally, in 1997, the community of municipalities acquired the Kerampran Farm to host the museum. After almost three years of work, the equipment crosses the street and the association moves into the new buildings in May 2 000.

and Gaby to conclude:

“and 23 years of presidency have gone like this…” ».

Children captivated by the games offered and told by Gaby

Displegadenn krouadelezh Mirdi ar Micherourien Kozh Bev gant eo bet lakaet Gaby Le Bras da vezan president a-enor.

An deizh-se ha gant fromm, he deus Gaby Le Bras, president gentan, displeget penaos e oa bet krouet ar Mirdi.

François Autret, an hini a rae, d’ar mare-se, war-dro ar gevredigezh « Sikour Tiegezhel » (deuet da vezan goude an ADMR), a c’houlennas digantan er bloavezh 1978 kavout un doare da zegas arc’hant evit leunian kef ar Sikour-se. Hag ezhommou bras a oa.

Ha setu, neuze, gouel gentan an eost lakaet da vont. Ouzhpenn 150 den a youl vad deuet d’ober war dro hag ur bern tud deuet d’ar gouel.

Ar re a rae war dro a ziviz, neuze, aozan ur seurt gouel bep daou vloazh. A bep seurt micheriou kozh all a ginnig dioustu an aotre da gemer perzh en abadenn nevez.

En hanv 1981,rener goueliou Kerne a c’houlenn rag-eun da Gaby dont d’ober diskouezadenn e straedou kozh Kemper. 40 den a youl vad a zo a-du da zont da Gemper gantan ha berzh a reont : 16000 den a zeu d’o sellout ! Deuet eo brav ganto !!

E 1983, eo Ti-bank al labour-douar o tont da c’houlenn diganto da gemer perzh e lid 75 deizh-ha-bloazh an Ti-bank.

Goude-se, galvet int bet e meur a lec’hiou e Breizh, e Paris hag e lec’hiou all, evel Le Hâvre, Orléans,, hag all… Zoken bro Kanada a c’houlenn war o lec’h. Berzh a reont bep wech !

Er fin, an ADMR a zo trawalc’h a arc’hant gantan hag ur gevredigezh distag a vez krouet evit ar micheriou kozh. Anv ar gevredigezh nevez a vo Micheriou Kozh ar Vro, betek breman d’an emvod meur dalc’het an 3 a viz c’hewrer 2018.

Met ezhomm a zo muoc’h muian a blas evit lakaat ar binviou kozh. Goulennou a vez graet d’an Tiez-ker met ne vez kavet plas ebet.

A benn-ar-fin e teuio Laurent Kermorgant da ginnig ur c’hraou-yer kozh e parrez Argol. Leun a blas a zo e-barzh !

E penn-kentan an hanv 1987, e tigor doriou ar Mirdi : bep lun e miz gouere hag e miz eost gant war-dro 500 welanederienn bep wech. Ar bloavezh warlec’h e vez digoret ar riaou ouzhpenn.

Berzh a ra breman : entre 8 ha 10000 den o tont da weladennin bep bloazh. Warlec’h e vez divizet digorin araok an hanv evit ar skolidi.

E 1997, e vez prenet gant kumuniezh kumunou Kraozon batimenchou Kerampran e parrez Argol evit stalian ar mirdi.

Goude 3 bloavezh, e miz mai 2000, ar binviou a vez lakaet da dreuzin an hent evit lojan ar gevredigezh en ur framm nevezhaet euzh ar wellan.

Ha Gaby , evit echuin :

« Evel-se eo c’hoarvezhet e-pad 23 vloazh, e-pad ma oan president.»

Hag ivez :

« Fellout a ra din rentan enor da Yvette, va wreg. Atav on bet sikouret ganti. An enor a vezh roet din-me hiziv a zo ivez evit an holl re a youl vad, hep disonjal ar re marv, hag o deus lakaet da vont ar mirdi-se. Hep to, ne vefe ket bet posubl netra !»

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