Welcome to the Living museum

In May to the museum

In May, the museum is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 2pm to 5.30 pm. Every opening day, some twenty volunteers present, animate the trades and activities of the past : Ropes manufacturer, Blacksmith, Basketry, Manufacturer of Clogs, Wool and flax spinner, Sculptor of wooden spoons, Crafts of the sea, work at the bench of Donkey, Embroiderer, Apple-to-cider course, Weaver, Grain-to-bread course, Carpenter, Spicer, Pancakes, Housewife…

In addition to these regular animations, the museum offers special animations on the dates mentioned below. Look, Touch, Feel, Taste, Exchange…
Plan a two-hour visit. (more…)

Raymond at work at the wood lathe

Wood turning

The numerous workshops at the museum contain treasures of knowledge-making as evidenced by Raymond Kerhoas who exercises his talents of Turner in the space “Carpentry ” recreated by his care. He put in the spotlight the tools used by the workers before the machines supplanted them. (more…)