Jeanne shares in the museum with the Nets a space where she presents samples of wool, cotton and flax in soft or vivid colors. Several operations and plants were needed to obtain this surprising palette that is available to visitors. Jeanne reveals them:

Jeanne presents her natural dyes

Jeanne presents her natural dyes

“I have followed the instructions of works devoted to formulas experienced in this field, especially that of Catherine Willis. The plants offer all the elements to make these shades: nuts bugs, rhubarb, Indian carnation, Red Beet, Elder and many others. “It uses roots, fruits, leaves. Rusty Nails, Ash water also enter into his compositions. “It’s amazing how, from the same bath, you can create very different colors. The nature of the fabric, the large salt incorporated or not give quite visible and remarkable variations. “of an extraordinary kindness, Jeanne is attentive to the questions of the visitors and shares her knowledge with a smile.

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