By June 18, you’ll be boarding for a time trip to the living museum of the old trades. how? Join the site LaPlace of the newspaper Ouest France to deposit your details to participate in the draw.

The winners will embark on a journey in time with the living museum of the old trades. An afternoon in the long course where the living museum tells you about the trades and techniques of the past by the 5 senses:

Listen: take the time to listen to the ambient noises: the hum of the spinning wheel, the felted Slam of the loom, the cheerful hammering of the forge, the crackling of the flame nourished by the pine needles or the slight squeaking of the dough that spreads over the bilig. You should also listen to the silences of the embroiderer anxious to steer her needle or the Vannier attentive to the twisting of her strands of wicker.

Watch: discover the tools, objects and gestures that give them life.

Touch: palpate the material, identify them through the differences. At the wash-hand, brush and SOAP. At the forge, the children play the hammer.

Feel: the smells guide you and invite you to explore the places. Over the seasons: old-fashioned coffee, chestnut, Apple.

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