My brother Yves returns from hollidays in the Périgord. He spotted a blutoir in a very good state. The downside is transportation. It only has a small pickup truck. The Blutoir only enters inside. And again, part of the object protrudes at the back, the two doors to remain open. My brother’s wife, somewhat stuck on the 2nd seat, will return very experienced from the trip. But… 200 francs, a trifle!

At first glance the Blutoir does not present much interest. Looks like a white wood cabinet. Apart from a crank and a funnel, externally nothing original. The main interest of the device is inside. The two large open doors, we discover the internal device of the Blutoir. A round wooden structure covered with a cotton canvas. The fabric is not very tight which allows the flour to fall into the bottom of the cupboard, the crusher lying above.

So it is through the funnel that the ground grain will enter the unit. The machine is gently sloping, the sound can not pass through the canvas, as the crank turns, it slides towards the exit thanks to an ingenious set of pallets. A dozen weights come and go that vibrate the canvas so that it does not dirty. Last comfort for the crank Turner, the dust is in large part contained inside the machine.

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