Someone from Landrévarzec me phone and offers me a free mechanical piano. It was used to make young people dance in a village café. We’ll get him. Hervé HICHER treats him against worms. It no longer works because the hammer threads are rotten and the wood is crooked in many places. I bring a specialist, this one raises his arms to the sky by saying to us: «Everything is to review» The quotation that he presents us, approximates the 8 000 euros. The department would take over 25% of the sum, 75% remaining at the expense of the museum. The sum is important, but I insist that the repair be made, because I think that by playing one of the 10 old tunes that are on the cylinder, we would be great pleasure to the visitors. Finally the expert says: “When the repair will be done, there will be 400 Kg of pressure on the wood” This precision makes us renounce the repair, because our piano weakened by the worms, would not have resisted. We remove the front cover and so the public sees perfectly the mechanics of the operation of the device.

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