In the years 2000, we moved to Pleumeur-Bodou, for demonstrations of old trades. A lady from the area wants to see me and tells me the story of a man, condemned to the prison of Cayenne. The case goes on in the first half of the 19th century. A person was murdered and the court of Lannion condemns the prison of Cayenne to a man of the environment.

Several years later, another person smelling death, calls home the mayor, the priest and the gendarmerie and says that he is the perpetrator of the assassination. He exposes all the circumstances of his act to the persons present. Of course, it took several years for the court of Lannion to resee the case and recognize the innocence of the person who is in the prison. The time the news arrives in the West Indies is still long. The convict is liberated and in thanks, he donates his irons to the Virgin of Saint Carré, commune of Lanvellec. I go there with our blacksmith, Alain boulic. And, with the permission of the officials of the chapel of St Carré, we enter the building and, at the height, clinging to a beam, we perceive the irons of the convict. Alain Boulic takes the measurements of objects, so we now have at the museum, the replica of the shackles of the convict.

Our blacksmith takes great pleasure in donning the damsels of passage at the museum, from the holding of the convict to hinder them with the copy of the irons. In any case, equipped in this way, it is impossible for them to attempt an escape.

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