I am on the lookout in order to discover and if possible buy interesting items. This is how in the Brest auction room, I spot objects that belonged to the Brest prison. On that day, a bunch of keys is presented for sale. The object is of interest to several people.

I’m about to stop outbid, when the fiercest competitor gets tired before me. Then a spoon stamped with a marine anchor is also put on sale. I know the story of this spoon and I know that it is used to feed powder, the cannon “thunder of Brest”. This cannon is actuated when a prisoner escapes in such a way that the brestoise population is notified. The one who helps to take back the escaped receives a reward. I participate in the auction and return to Argol with the keychain and spoon. I later knew that the most serious competitor for the purchase of these items was the Naval Museum.

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