During my years of activity, I spot in different farms, old machines that no longer serve. This is how for the first Harvest festival, I find quite easily engines and machines to beat cereal. Of course, I don’t neglect my job. But when I am with former rural people, I do not fail to question them about any junk that would be in their attics or in their barns.

This is how the grandfather of Hervé FEREZOU of Caméros, tells me that in his farm once, there was a weaver. He also teaches me that his trade was dismantled in 1901 and replaced by an apple press. Without ulterior motives I ask him “What have we done with this loom?” I expect him to answer me “well! I destroyed it, or I burned it “to my surprise, he tells me that he dismantled it and it is very high in the barn to beat. He said to me again: “I almost used some pieces of the machine to repair other objects, and in the end I gave up because it needed a large ladder to reach the top of the roof” we go to the barn and there I see a heap of wood , right under the roof. I ask Grandpa FEREZOU, Permission to reassemble his loom. Answer yes and a few days later, with the help of Jean LE LONS, cabinetmaker, and friends, we go down and go back to the loom. It is not missing a piece, to my delight, the wood is not attacked by worms. It is true that it is oak. A few years later, Hervé FEREZOU and his wife announced that they are donating the trade to our association of old trades. They could have sold it at a good price; The only condition is that the trade remains in Argol. It is visible at the museum, and it is Annel, a Swedish-originated country that makes it work.

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