At Argol this week, the Living Museum of the old trades will be animated by fifteen volunteers who will present the trades and activities of yesteryear, such as tailpiece, Vannier, carpenter, blacksmith, saboteur, and the crafts of the sea, as well as spinning, embroiderer , Weaver, among others. In addition…You will find the following occasional animations: Tuesday milk skimming, Wednesday the preparation of coffee and baking bread at the wood fire (sale to visitors) Thursday the making of butter, Friday the pancakes cooked on the pancake stove (and the Tasting, of course)

Practical Open until 15 September every day from 14h to 18h, Parc des Jeux Bretons until 6.30 pm

Offer families (2 adults + 2 children), for a package of 18 euros, return as much as you want throughout the season.

For all, Pass’Musées Peninsula: visit a first museum and take advantage of the reduced rate from the next visit in one of the 5 museums of the territory.

Contact: or contact @ or tel. and Facebook

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