The numerous workshops at the museum contain treasures of knowledge-making as evidenced by Raymond Kerhoas who exercises his talents of Turner in the space “Carpentry ” recreated by his care. He put in the spotlight the tools used by the workers before the machines supplanted them. The renovation of 130 of them required several hours of work and a lot of perseverance. Now, the saws rub shoulders with the skids, the Fugankom, the Riflard, the compass and the brackets on the wall. The welcome of our carpenter is always warm to all those who want to share with him a return to the past. He explains: “The hardest part is to succeed in operations that require precision, such as dovetail” cutting to fit two pieces of wood in a drawer, for example, or adds “the stroke of Jupiter ” that allowed to join Two pieces of wood

Raymond at work at the wood lathe

Raymond at work at the wood lathe

securely to get a great length, as in the church frameworks.

It’s always a pleasure to share a moment with him.

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