Marie-Alice and Marie-Thérèse reproduce the gestures of yesteryear that will make the visitors discover the making of the old butter. Bought on Tuesday at the local farm, milk is skimmed to extract the cream. Sunday, April 15th, this thick and yellowish cream will be poured into the tumbler. It will be necessary to turn the crank with regularity. Among the visitors, there will certainly be volunteers to assist in this operation.

After 40 minutes, the butter is formed, leaving at the bottom of the churn the milk Ribot or buttermilk which was once consumed in the countryside to accompany the pancakes, potatoes or porridge of oatmeal.
Salted butter

The butter

The butter

This butter is now salted and formed in clods of beautiful yellow color. Offered for tasting on a slice of bread just out of the oven, it reveals its nutty taste.

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